Compiz Gliches

Hi :person_raising_hand:t2: :dragon:,
I’ve Installed Kaisen linux lxqt a week ago
and I’m having fun with until I installed
compiz (core, extra, main, ccsm, experimental, emerald and fusion-icon)
it give weird glitches green and magenta square similar to broken monitor
I’ve recorded a video but it doesn’t show these glitches
please help me

here is my device spec

OS:              Kaisen GNU/Linux 2.0 rolling
Arch:            x86_64
Kernel:          5.16.0-kaisen1-amd64
Desktop:         LXQt
Display Server:  x11

Vendor:          AuthenticAMD
Model:           AMD Ryzen 5 4500U with Radeon Graphics
Physical cores:  6
Logical cores:   6

RAM:             7.3 GB
Swap:            0.0 GB

Vendor:          AMD
OpenGL Renderer: AMD RENOIR (DRM 3.44.0, 5.16.0-kaisen1-amd64, LLVM 12.0.1)
OpenGL Version:  4.6 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 21.2.6
OpenGL Core:     4.6 (Core Profile) Mesa 21.2.6
OpenGL ES:       OpenGL ES 3.2 Mesa 21.2.6
Vulkan:          Supported

Hello, Thanks for the feedback.

I will try to reproduce the bug to find out why it is present.

I have just installed the software indicated in your report, I did not notice any problem (I do not have an AMD or Nvidia card).


VMWare Workstation
LXQT with all tools installed via NETINST ISO

Do you have Kaisen up to date ? (sudo kaisen-update may allow you to check this).

When uninstalling compiz, the problem still persists?

Hi :person_raising_hand:t2:,
actually the problem happen only when I’m using compiz
with XFWM, openbox, Enlightnment and fluxbox everything is working
without any glitches
my system is up2date
I execute the command from above and uninstalled compiz gang
BTW I was using Manjaro before using Ka:sen as a main OS
but didn’t experience any glitches maybe because their compiz
is 0.9 series
anyway I will reboot my system now and reinstall compiz gang again
then I will see what happen
Thanks buddy
Have a good day

Nothing happen
the glitches are still appear
is compiz packaged directly from
Debian or do you have another source?
one weird thing when I executed the installing
command for compiz gang apt suggested “nvidia-driver”
even though I’m running AMD

It is indeed possible that the version of compiz available on the repositories I provide is too old, and that your problem comes from there.

All the software provided by the Kaisen repository except for the packages forked or developed for the distribution comes from the Debian Testing repositories.
You can find the repository configuration here:

For the suggested nvidia-driver package, this is “static”. Because it is hardcoded in the debian/control package file. It does not depend on your configuration. The packages mentioned as suggested are there to indicate that they can be useful for the package you are going to install, but are not mandatory for a package to work.

I try as much as possible to fix the problem of Debian on the version of the software I provide in Kaisen on the preinstalled tools (because it’s true that the versions are old, even very old on some packages, testing fixes this problem a little bit), but unfortunately I can’t update everything by myself, I’m already managing more than 90 packages by myself.

Maybe try to install Compiz from source (compile it), or use a binary compiled by the Compiz team, to see if it fixes your problem.

If your problem is fixed after that, it means that the version of Compiz provided in Kaisen is indeed too old.