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I discover Kaisen when i was in DevOps Training with CEFIM and M. Agostini, a great DevOps Teacher in France. I’m a networking and system administrator for a long time, since 1999, debian based :slight_smile: and i think Kaisen is a really really good distro!!! :appl Kevin! Great job! Thanks for that, you did a lot!
Bien joué Mec! :wink:

i forgot to say when i discovered Kaisen, 3 months ago, and it’s my distro on my laptop… :smiley:

and i’m french, Kevin :slight_smile:

Oops sorry I didn’t see your message because not being a created topic, I didn’t see it on Discourse in the recent topics, and didn’t get any email notification…

Anyway, thanks for your message, it’s a real pleasure to read this and especially to see it presented during trainings for system and cloud administrators, it’s an honor!

Glad you like it, it’s the kind of encouraging feedback that pushes me to continue!

Merci beaucoup (pour parler dans notre langue ^^).

Thank you so much for that too! :wink:

Hi again Kevin!
You know what? I shared my experience of Kaisen at work, i did demo, and they were really interested.
Your distro i really interesting.

Merci Kevin, tu assures.


Thank you very much for this feedback, it is a real pleasure to read this!

Hi Kevin,
I confirm…
All the people i demo your distro choose to have one copy on their computers (vm principally).
Me i still have it as principal on one of my laptop (my principal laptop), and still working fine!
My DevOps teacher has a copy too and waits with impatience the new release on June :wink:

Elle va prendre une place de premier choix ta distro!!! C’est top!!! Continue comme çà stp!
Merci pour ton travail.

Best Regards

Hello @jfbcefim, sorry for this later response.

I not receive notifications on this category.

I’m really happy to read this! Kaisen 2.1 is now available! :wink:

Merci pour ton message !