Any reason why apt-btrfs-snapshot was automatically uninstalled via update?

Can it safely be re-installed?


Hello Michel,

It is normal!
The package apt-btrfs-snapshot has been replaced by the package kaisen-timeshift-apt.
The reason is simple. The apt-btrfs-snapshot package had a lot of bugs on the new ISOS released today but planned a few weeks ago. It touches the fstab to do its job, causing problems with systemd and mount, and the restored snapshots (@apt-snapshot-old-root) could not be deleted via the apt-btrfs-snapshot software, which could cause big losses of disk space.

And the integration of live snapshots on GRUB with apt-btrfs-snapshot was complicated. So I had to create kaisen-timeshift-apt to do the same as apt-btrfs-snapshot to integrate Timeshift as the default APT snapshot software and use systemd to my advantage.

No need to reinstall apt-btrfs-snapshot, and this tool is no longer available in the repositories :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin,

OK, that is fine. But I cannot invoke kaisen-btrfs-snapshot the way I was invoking the now obsolete software to delete snapshots prior to a certain date for instance, or simply list all snapshots.

There is no man pages for kaisen-btrfs-snapshot either.

I also have another issue for which I open a new topic.

Thanks again for your prompt reply.

If you can.

You can refer to the timeshift man page (kaisen-timeshift-apt uses the timeshift command to create snapshots, hence the name ;)) to delete snapshots.
Otherwise, if you want to delete everything, you can do this: sudo timeshift --delete-all to delete all snapshots.

To list all snapshots, you can using the command : sudo timeshift --list

Or, a GUI tool is available, the command to run this tool : sudo timeshift-gtk

Ah! OK, it is timeshift based. Maybe it should have been called kaisen-timeshift instead?

Yes, I was using timeshift as well as apt-btrfs for different purposes! :slight_smile:

Now, I understand why the apt snapshots started showing in timeshift which got me perplexed when it happened. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

No, it’s not :wink:
kaisen-timeshift-apt because this script is designed to be used only via a dpkg hook launched when a modification of the installed packages will be done :slight_smile:

That’s why I gave it this name :slight_smile:

Indeed it’s understandable ! A blog post was released today about this, as well as new ISOS :wink:

@MidGe the source code of the kaisen-timeshift-package if you interested :

Enjoy :wink:

I did! :slight_smile:

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Can I close this ticket?

Sure. No problems and thanks again for your prompt attention to this.

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No problem for me :wink: