I got an issue with Bluetooth.
My JBLGO3 isn’t reconigzed/detected on my Kaisen 2.3 Mate.
Kaisen detects my smartphone or other devices, but the JBL speakers who are well found by phone and other systems like Mint or Win on the same hardware/computer (usb adapter is required for Bluetooth on this pc)
Context :
HP ProBOOK 470 G0
16Go RAM
SSD 480 Go partitioned BTRFS by myself with sufficient space for each partition
Kaisen 2.3 Mate updated all days
usb is working fine for each ports
ethernet and wifi working fine

I tried with Kaisen 2.3 KDE, same result.

I don’t understand but i’m not usual with bluetooth, maybe i’m stupid ?

Any idea ?



If your pc detects other Bluetooth devices, your Bluetooth adapter and the kernel module responsible for are working right.

Please contact our audio device support.

Thanks for answer and thinking niki.
Another friend (admin sys like us) told me to maybe change the chip of the 470G0 for wifi/net adapter.
Is it a possible solution for you?
Cause audio is working fine with inside speakers.
The joys of informatic… :grinning:

You know, it’s to be able to have a more… “modern” system with a new chip…

There is no a lot of sense changing your Bluetooth adapter.
Even if you are upgrading from Bluetooth 4.0 to 5.0. The only difference between them is distance, max number of peripherals and power usage

Ok so i forget to change adapter… hummmm… i don’t know how to solve this issue… barf it’s not so problematic, Kaisen is not build for that, so not too important, it was just a question.
Thanks for your time niki.
see ya

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Maybe, you need to read the documentation to install the driver.

a driver for jbl speaker ???
but the driver works since he recognizes my smartphone and another laptop.

and jbl are well recognized by other devices/system except my linux… ggrrrrrrrr… :slight_smile:

I found the solution !
It works very well.
How stupid i am…
So :

i tried with wifi and without wifi (seems wired) and it works !!!

->Disable the firewall
->Rediscover via the blueman gui
->Connect to the speakers you see (in this case JBLGo3)
->Audio sees them !!! :slight_smile:
->Association/Connection and authorization for the blueman to allow the system to use them
->Audio settings see very well Internal and JBL and you can choose
->Tests OK !
->Reenable Firewall
->JBL are still recognized and working without wifi enabled, only wired.

I’m Happy ! ! ! ! :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for the time you give to me

see ya