Good morning Kaisen team, I currently use kaisen linux for maintenance at points of sale in a multinational here in Brazil, and I saw that we had a major vulnerability problem (CVE-2024-3094) with XZ utils. Is this within the current version of Kaisen Linux? because I use distribution on servers and I was very concerned about this.

Hello. Can you give more details please ? (version, etc. )

In all cases i suggest to update as soon as possible.

Good morning,

Recently a vulnerability was discovered in the XZ utilities, where malicious codes were implemented in the development of this module where it is possible for the attacker to have access via ssh, I would like to know if this module affected our distribution, as kaisen is based on Debian I was a little scared .

Below is an article about CVE-2024-3094

Note: the article is in the language of my country, Portuguese


This CVE was fixed on Kaisen the day of it’s published.

You may update your system to apply the fix (the fix is a roolback of the installed version).

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Thank you, Kevin.

With pleasure, thanks again for your feedback!