Debian- Kaisen the best Cool Nice Jungs

I hope it’s well written for the Kaisen Forum. I’ve been using Linux for a few years now, but always with Debian. I’ve always been a tech nerd. Back then, they told me that with my limitations, since I had the same accident as Michael Schumacher, just one day later and with a bicycle. They said I should stick with Windows or use Ubuntu or Linux Mint to cope with it. But my stubbornness was always strong, so I went to Debian and I know why. :star_struck: Then I had old ThinkPads. But lately, several of them have failed, and someone gave me an Acer with 4 GB of RAM as a gift. And once again, I was on the hunt for the awesome Kaisen, which I had noted down but couldn’t find the paper anymore. Then the name appeared somewhere again. I don’t remember where. Whether it was Distro Watch or in some other context. And I immediately made a USB stick. It wouldn’t install on my HP ProBook. :confused: I was so angry. I think it was because of the ARM technology. Plus, if a company like HP has been collecting money for years, and Windows crap is still everywhere, of course it won’t work. Well, finally a laptop that’s not too bad, and I said to myself, let’s see where I can get another RAM module. And I installed it. And ran it for two days, set everything up, and finally wanted to register for the Kaisen Forum. But then, when I clicked the blue button to complete the registration, nothing happened and the mouse pointer got stuck. Laptop failure. :triumph: So I couldn’t use the forum and my Debian Kaisen. And I put the whole thing aside for a while. And it died again. Now I’ve saved up for two months and bought another used ThinkPad. The w520 overhauled! With 16 GB of RAM and an i7 2.45 GHz. And now I’ve just set it up a little bit and registered here in the forum. To learn more and to thank the developers. Such a well thought out and cool looking system deserves real praise. I’m happy and looking forward to using Kaisen with my W520 and exchanging ideas with you all. My donation will be small, as I don’t have much, but if more people did it, I think Kaisen will hopefully have a long life like my newly used ThinkPad. So keep working on this awesome Debian Kaisen. Hey guys, thanks again for that. Mega :sunglasses: P.S. I can’t speak English and have to translate everything for myself. But I hope it’s translated well. So keep up the good work with Debian Kaisen. I think you’re awesome and will recommend you to everyone.