Encrypted persistence not working


I am a new Kaisen linux user and I have been unable to configure encrypted persistence in a live USB.
I am using a 16GB drive and I have managed to add a third primary partition to the drive after using dd to copy the kaisen iso to it.
I used this command:
du -bcm kaisenlinuxrolling2.1-amd64-SR.iso | tail -
to check where the partition should start and then I used parted as follows:
mkpart primary 2418MiB 14GB

Then I followed the instructions on the Kaisen website about creating the encrypted filesystem and I labeled the partition “persistence”.
I also added the persistance.conf file with /union in it.

Here are the commands I used:
sudo cryptsetup --verbose --verify-passphrase luksFormat /dev/sdx3
sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdx3 kaisen
sudo mkfs.ext4 -L persistence /dev/mapper/kaisen
sudo e2label /dev/mapper/kaisen persistence
sudo mount /dev/mapper/kaisen /mnt/
echo “/ union” | sudo tee /mnt/kaisen/persistence.conf
sudo umount /dev/mapper/kaisen
sudo cryptsetup luksClose /dev/mapper/kaisen

However, when I boot the USB and select encrypted persistence, I am not prompted for the password and changes made to the live system do not persist after reboot.

I was hoping I could get some help to point out what I am doing wrong.

Thank you

Hello and welcome on board,

The problem does not come from your manipulations. The encrypted persistence seems not to work in this case. I will test on another ISO image to see if the problem is the same on all lives.
If this feature does not work anymore, I will debug it for the next versions.

Thanks for your feedback!

Hello @scarm,

Sorry for my late reply. I found the problem with the encrypted persistence, but to fix that, I rebuilt new ISOS.

You can found ISOS from the downloads page (ISOS in testing).

I also updated the process to create an USB persistent key: https://kaisenlinux.org/documentation/usb.html#create-live-usb-key-with-encrypted-persistence

Thank you again for your feedback!

Dear Kevin,

thank you very much for your work and your reply. I will try the new ISO images.
I enjoy very much using Kaisen linux!

Best regards

Thank you Mauro.
Don’t hesitate to send me a feedback after using the new SR ISO! :wink:

Dear Kevin,

I tested the new SR ISO in exactly the same conditions as I described in my first post.
Everything seems to work for me. Changes persist after reboot.
Thank you once again for your great work.

Best regards

Hello @scarm, great ! I’m glad than your problem is solved.

I hope than Kaisen you will like.

I will close this ticket.