Firefox using 100% of one core and freezing

I’va a strange issue.
When I see a video on fireofx every 30/45 secondes, is freezing for 10 secondes.

With a htop I see my 16 core used at 100%
How I can troubleshoot ?

If you want more logs for troubleshoot I can upload them.

Hello @Iwios,

Yes, you can upload the output of your htop for example.

This problem is very strange effectively, I watching all days few videos on Firefox, but I not have this problem.

Send me few output of your htop or other tests :slight_smile:

A link with htop when PC freezing.
It’s during a streaming with 1080p60fps video

Okay, I didn’t see any problem on your screenshot. In the future, can you share your screenshots directly here?

How many tabs are open in your Firefox? My laptop have eight cores, and one core is used at 100% too.

good question… Around 30

Hmm… Okay.

I have not seen something abnormal in your htop.

Does your PC heat up a lot?