Hello @all
context : 2.3
I don’t understand a trouble on Firefox. From one day to the other day, he passed in english. I tried my tips, noone worked…impossible to have it again in french.
Did anyone had the problem?
Do i uninstall/purge and reconfigure?
Thanks if you have an idea.
see you

I would personally avoid difficult work, why don’t you try to uninstall it with all the dependencies together? thus removing all remnants with apt --purge

yep that was the last solution i thought about it. yesterday i saved all bookmarks to try this today. I tried reconfigure, etc. but nothing. When i saw the ff with purge it uninstalls mate too. So i will first clonezilla and after remove/purge ff and see what will happen… :wink:
I’ll give you the results of what will happen this day.
Thanks to take time to answer Daniells
See ya

Hi Daniells,

This was my last solution yesterday i did it. Everything. uninstall/purge/dependencies, etc. reinstall, etc. exactly the same. I talked about this with Kevin he’ll try to work on it when he’ll have time, it’s day off today in France. but we’re going on the way of translations, perso not too much powerful to code at this level.
But thanks for your interest
See ya


This bug will be fix.

Thank you for your feedback.