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GitHub Authentification is broken

Hi there;

when I attempted to sign in with GitHub, it results to a 404-page on the GitHub side.
Same thing when I want to link my GitHub profile to my Kaisen forum profile.


Thanks for the feedback.

I’ll take a closer look at this by trying to create an account with my personal account.
I will get back to you soon.

Indeed, the connection to GitHub seems not to work even when creating an account.
I’ll check the Discourse settings, and if I don’t find any configuration issues, I’ll open a ticket at Discourse!

Sometimes it is just a matter of recreating the bridge :wink:
These days, GitHub put automatically an expiring day on the token

I don’t know where it came from.
I’ll look at the Discourse settings when I can (token expiration doesn’t explain the 404 in my opinion).
Do you have the 2FA on your account?