Issue with network setup

I’m new to Kaisen, but not to Linux overall. I downloaded Kaisen and installed without issue. However, when I tried to go about setting up a wifi connection, I couldn’t find anything to allow me to do this. I even attempted the NETINST version of Kaisen only to encounter even more issues with networking.

I’m interested in Kaisen due to the fact that I deal with Cyber Security (so I use Kali and Parrot along with a couple of other distros) and I feel Kaisen would add to my arsenal of tools. For example, being able to recover data, etc, if a system is compromised and that data cannot be accessed via standard means. However, to fully be able to use Kaisen, I need to be able to establish an internet connection and I’m not always able to hardwire my pc to a router for internet.

Can someone more familiar with Kaisen please tell me how to go about setting up a wifi connection with it?

Welcome @JadedProphet!
To use the NETINST ISO, you need to wired connection.

If you install Kaisen with the lives ISO, a collection of few wifi drivers is already installed.
If you still don’t have a wifi connection, can you try the lspci command and send its return?


Thanks for the reply. I sent pic of lspci output as well as output from ifconfig.

Appreciate the help sir. Looking forward to using kaisen. From what I’ve read and looked at so far, looks like you put together quite the distro.

Thank you for your reply.

Can you send me the return of this command please: sudo dmesg | grep 02:00.0?

Can you also run this command: sudo dpkg -l | grep kaisen-firmwares?

Thank you


Here is the output of the commands you requested.

Okay, I undertstand the problem.
I found it this night. You have everythink set up to run the Wifi.

Can you connect a wired to install the network-manager-gnome package?

This will correct your problem, and you will set up a Wifi connection.

I add the network-manager-gnome package in the kaisen-xfce metapackage. Updates will install it by default now.
Thank you for your feedback!

Wifi connection established. Thank you very much for your help sir. You are one of very few I have encountered who respond so quickly with such a willingness to assist their users. Very much appreciated.

Glad you like it. It’s also part of the job :wink: