Kaisen just installed and with 45% of disk used :(

Please wait.

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No problem, thank you.


Waiting few minutes :slight_smile:

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It’s okay?

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Yes of course, I just feel bad that you have to sleep/go out and I’m bothering you …

No problem :smile:
I rarely sleep, and even when I do go out I try to be available, it’s a full time job :wink:

It’s 3am in France and I’m still working.

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From his nickname photo he looks like a young man, but not in my case with 57 years old and my cervicals destroyed, but well, we move on! :slight_smile:

Aha, I’m 26 :slight_smile:
I can again do it ^^
I’m student in master degree in France at university ^^

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Hello @judd,

Can I close this topic?


I don’t understand, sorry.

Sorry, I wrote from a smartphone…

Yes, please close it.

Thank you!

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