Kaisen Linux impressions

Although I know Kaisen Linux claims to be a distribution targeted at sysadmins, it has a much broader appeal in my opinion.

Anyone working in Linux, in a non monolithic environment would really enjoy the diversity of tools available with the standard install, be it for development or troubleshooting.

I am using the KDE version. I tried the other versions as well but the KDE was the one that worked out of the box with my multi 4K and 2K monitors.

Using BTRFS and having a very cool update script which allows for a rapid reversal to the earlier version in case of failure, this is an excellent rolling release of Debian. I upgrade my system very night before shutting down and have done so since I started using it two months ago and I have had very few issues. None that were not resolved in record time.

More importantly, Kevin Chevreuil, the author, extremely quick support is most refreshing.

In summary I find Kaisen Linux is an excellent BTRFS Debian rolling distribution for sysadmins and developers with exemplary support. It has become the standard distro for my main workstation.

Thanks Kevin,

9+/10* :slight_smile:

PS: I will post a similar review on distrowatch

Hello @MidGe,

Thank you very much for this comprehensive feedback and its publication on Distrowatch!
I’m glad that Kaisen can meet your needs, and it’s a real pleasure for me to see such feedbacks!
As usual, feel free to come back here if you have any questions or need help!

Thank you again for the feedback posted on Distrowatch!!!