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Kaisen-menu update failed

After the last update today the Kaisen-menu can t be upgrade and other updates are not correctly installed i get the following error:

var/cache/apt/archives/kaisen-menu 2.0-kaisen2_all deb
needrestart is being skipped since dkpg has failed

The Kaisen application menu is no longer working i use the Kaisen Mate distro. The problem is the menu is no longer working so if i want to start an application i can only do this with the terminal. How to fix this problem???

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Same problem for me.

E: /var/cache/apt/archives/kaisen-menu_2.0+kaisen2_all.deb: new kaisen-menu package pre-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1

I just installed Kaizen and done an update and upgrade, and in the upgrade I get the same menu error and, obviously, the menu does not work.


Thank you for your feedback.
Can you give me some details? When was the update made?
Have you done any updates since the release of 2.0?
I will try on my side.
I’ll do a fix later today.

In the meantime, you can submit an APT snapshot if you wish.
That’s what they’re there for.

Do a sudo apt-btrfs-snapshot list

Then, copy the most recent snapshot (trust the date), to restore it do apt-btrfs-snapshot set-default @apt...

The problem seems to be on a script in the package.
I’ll fix it.

Did you use the kaisen-update command or the classic apt update && apt upgrade combination?

If you used the second command, you should never do it.
You have to do either a full-upgrade or kaisen-update.
kaisen-update can automatically fix these errors.

I found the problem and fixed it.
I’m finishing some tests before putting the fix in production.

The fix has been put into production.
You can now do the updates again, the menu will come back.

Bien joué! Merci
Well done! Thanks

It’s okay ?

yes. I apply the update, reboots and the kaisen menu reappears.
ticket closed :slight_smile:

It was a typo and script execution order bug, hence the bug.

Glad it’s fixed, thanks for the feedback!

Hello, Kaisen, sorry but I don’t have much experience in linux and what I have done at the beginning of the system is the typical apt update and then apt upgrade, do you indicate that this should never be done? You have to use kaisen-update.

Apart from that, I would like to add that it took me 2 hours to install kaisen because of the swap partition issue that, when selecting the installation for newbies, it does not put the swap partition and for a newbie, like me, it has taken me a long time to install , If in the future you can place this option to be added automatically in the novice installation it would be very good.

No, I won’t add the swap partition in the automated partitioning, because I removed it on purpose.
Just when it asks the question confirm that you don’t want the swap and let you validate and proceed with the installation.
There is no need for swap in almost 2022 on desktops.

For kaisen-update, you don’t have to use it, but avoid apt upgrade on Kaisen. Prefer apt full-upgrade on continuous distributions, in order to keep them fully up to date. The kaisen-update command just automates the process and tries to fix errors via missing and such.

@multi There is just that to do for the swap :slight_smile:

Allow the swap not to be present:
Capture du 2021-12-21 15-50-48

Confirm the correct partitioning of the disks:
Capture du 2021-12-21 15-51-06

Right after that, the installation starts properly:
Capture du 2021-12-21 15-51-22

Thanks for resolving the problem. The menu is working and everything is working as usual. Great Support.

Thank you for your confirmation, I can now close the discussion, you have all told me that the problem has been resolved on your side.
Don’t hesitate if you need it again.