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Hello Kaisen
After the update of kaisen-menu, keepass-xc has moved from maintenance/passwordtools to /divers tools.


This is normal, I updated it for that.
KeePassXC as well as apg and pwgen had no business being in the maintenance tools. The password section in the maintenance tools is meant to help recover accounts, not for password generators and managers.
This is a development choice.
I apologize if this caused you a problem, if you use a tool often, make a shortcut on the taskbar or desktop, no matter what future changes may be made, you will be able to find them without difficulty. :slight_smile:

No pb, i will reorganize my menu.

I advise you not to modify the files provided by kaisen-menu as they will be automatically replaced during an update.
You can however create your own launchers in the menu.

ok Kevin thanks