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'kaisen-update' command


Reading through the FAQ I came across the section on updates, and I usually, like most people use the sudo update and sudo upgrade commands. But saw that you have a Kaisen specific update command - kaisen-update.
It appears more than just a combination of sudo apt update && sudo apt -y full-upgrade.
I am wondering where the script file is to see all the commands run during this process?

Thank you.

Hi, if you want to know the location of an executable just use the WHEREIS command


And here is the content of the command

Capture du 2021-12-14 09-23-09

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Hello, you can find the executable here: /usr/sbin/kaisen-update

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Thanks you @Alex :slight_smile:

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The purpose of the kaisen-update command is to chain the update operations and potential repairs in order to limit the risks of having a broken system or package after the update.
That’s why I always recommend this command for upgrades.

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