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Normally syslog is used on many distros but for Kaisen-Linux rsyslog seems the log system. I have an proxy running but the proxy log files stays empty, even the kernel log is empty and many other log files are empty. To find and detect unwanted connections or problems i want to see mine log files now they are al empty it seems that nothing is logged.

How is Kaisen-Linux working with log files rsyslog, syslog-ng and where are the log files.

Rsyslog is the standard for log management today, at least that is what has been chosen by the majority of distributions because of SystemD’s use of Syslog for log management. This centralization is in some cases a good thing.

However, I don’t understand why you have a proxy server on Kaisen, it is not designed to run services, but that doesn’t matter for your problem.

Some services write their logs to /var/log in regular files, but they have to be configured beforehand in the service configuration files. This is the case for example with services like Apache and Nginx. You should configure the logs of your service by looking at the documentation of the service.