Lost gui after latst update

I have lost my gui aftrr the latest update (6 hours ago) with more than 400 items updated.

I update everyday at the end of my day.

I am running Kaisenlinux with kde.

Timeshift restore does not seem to have any effect.

What next?

Thanks for any help

Can you send me a picture of your BTRFS snapshot menu in GRUB?

grub-btrfs not installed but I sort of fixed the issue by doing a apt install kde-full. Unfortunately it messed up many of my settings and I would rather restore…

No !
Bad idea. You should install the kaisen-kde package.

Ok, in that environment my timeshift restore worked, so, no, I am back to just prior to the mega upgrade that caused the KDE failure.

What do I do next? Delay the upgrade, give you more info (which one?)?

Now, you can retry to update your system with the kaisen-update command.

But won’t that give me the same outcome? Or has something changed since my last kaisen-update?

Yes, I fixed the bug who caused the deletion of the GUI when an update is started.

You can retry to start an update of your installation, it will works.

I can confirm that all is as it should be now.

Thanks Kevin!

Thanks you for your feedback!
Don’t hesitate to open a new topic if you need.