MacBook install

Hello guys,
I have MacBook Pro 2012 without Mac OS and tried to install Kaisen but I got stuck with one problem. Installation process going smoothly until grub bootloader install. I used ISO image and net install, same thing. I tried installing Ubuntu and Parrot OS everything was done without problem but I want to install Kaisen.
Please give me some help or advice.


What is the error message?

Message was ‘This is fatal error’ and something like 'grub install dummy failed ', sorry I forgot wright down.

Kaisen is installed on UEFI on your MacBookPro?

Kiesen hasn’t installed right now, I have Ubuntu installed. I gave up after two days of trying and looking for some information on the web.

My question was, are you launch the installation in UEFI or BIOS mode?

In UEFI, you may have a problem because the efibootmgr software not functional in the Apple hardware.

Looks like UEFI

Okay, can you send me a picture of the error?

For sure, I just need to try to install again.

Hello my friend,
Kaisen was successfully installed onto my MacBook Pro 2012.
You can close this case.
Thanks a lot for your fast response.

Great! What was the problem?

I don’t really know what the problem was. I just rebooted MacBook to Net Install and erased my ssd completely and formatted it to MS-DOS (FAT) with Mac disk utility and installed UBUNTU using whole disk. After that I installed KAISEN using the whole disk again. That’s it.

Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: