Need some help with scaling for 4K monitor


I just installed Kaisen after having played with it in VirtualBox and had been really impressed with it!

The install went well, no issue there, except that the graphical installer required my use of a magnifying glass to proceed safely. Not a real issue as it is only a once off problem.

Related to that, I am currently using a 4K monitor and that requires some scaling of the display if I want to avoid needing a magnifying glass for my usual work.

I looked everywhere, in all single items of the available menus, but nowhere did I find where to set the scaling.

Could someone be as kind as letting me know where or how to modify the scaling of the display for KaisenLinux?

Research on the net showed me that LXQt, which is the version I am using, has that facility in release 1.1.0, but Kaisen seems to be lagging with the use of an earlier release.

I sincerely this is not going to be a show stopper for my use of Kaisen.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Michel,

I checked, and I didn’t see an option to set the zoom on the resolution.

Maybe try to use an interface like MATE or KDE, they might be more suitable for your configuration.

I just saw that you wrote 2 days ago, and I apologize for my late reply. Were you able to solve your problem with LXQt?

Yes, I restarted the whole install with Kaisen KDE version and that resolved my 4K issue, but I got a new problem which I posted in another post as it was not relevant to this one.

BTW, I really appreciate the facilities offered by KaisenLinux. It really is great for developers.

This is good news!
However, you don’t need to reinstall the distribution to change the GUI, you can use the sudo kaisen-interface-switcher command provided for this purpose (it requires a wired connection though). It is a script that automates the change of the interface for you by uninstalling the old one and installing the one of your choice.

I’m glad you like Kaisen!
Don’t hesitate to come back here if needed!