New to Kaisen, where is the software installer?

Hi I am new to Kaisen 2.1 and this community. I had waited one whole year trying to get a default Ubuntu/Debian rolling Linux version that will allow my dual monitors + 4K TV to work properly. The Kasien 2.1 is the second Linux version that gives my dual-monitors working properly with my i5-11500 CPU and UHD750 graphics. The first good version is Deepin 20.6, but it is not a rolling release. Anyway, both Deepin 20.6 and Kaisen 2.1 only support two good displays (either 4K TV plus one 1920 x 1080 monitor or both monitors, but never all three dispplays working fine). I am basically happy about it already.

Tried the new Kaisen 2.1 and it is basically good but I seemed could not find a graphics installer for adding software, such as the deleted Conky package like what I could do with the overwhelming majority of Linux versions.

Did I miss something?

Thanks in advance for response!

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Hello and welcome!

I’m glad that Kaisen is working for you and that you can use your hardware. A lot of hardware is supported on purpose for this.

Kaisen Linux is intended for an informed public, that’s why no graphical software (such as Synpatic) for package installation is provided by default. You can use APT to install it if you wish.
Concerning Conky, it can be installed very easily with the command apt install kaisen-conky.

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