Noatime instead of relatime


And thanks for a wonderful distro!

I have an important recommendation.
Could you please change your default installation parameters on fstab from “relatime” to “noatime”?
There is a big performance difference when mounting with noatime instead of relatime.
This has been proven over and over.

Some references:



Thanks you for your feedback!

I will not replace relatime by noatime. Simply because when APT snapshots are taken, noatime not permit the deletion of the snapshots.
The relatime mount option him can it.

You can change yourself mountoptions, but caution if you want to use BTRFS snapshots :slight_smile:


Yes, that makes perfect sense!

However, maybe have it as an option at install time on some future release?
As there is a huge performance difference between the two options.

Maybe Kaisenlinux would be the first distro to offer that option and put a note of that an install time? :slight_smile:

I, for example, have already set noatime on fstab after installation.
I don’t mind if I can’t delete an old snapshot as long as they are small incremental. And just keep a small amount of them on hand.


I had disable noatime and noadirtime voluntarily on the installer since 1.7 release to avoid whether they are enabled automatically.

The only difference between the two options is the number of writings on the hard drive. On SSD, you can’t feel it.

For the snapshots, it’s your own usecase of this feature. It’s probably not the case for the others users. I prefer keep actually settings :slight_smile:

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