Non usual Apt problems (Kaisen installed over existing SO)


I had a particular scenario, but if someone could help me, I want to try fix that custom environment.

I installed the Kaisen over old distro(problem on boot) to solve the boot problem overriding old Linux Mint by new Kaisen distro but keeping all my very specific development environment configs.

All works except that packages problems, I think that problems are related to the residual files from the old installation. Excepted by that problems all the system and configs are working fine.

I want to continue using the Kaisen the Kaisen linux recent installed, but if possible with help to solve that particular APT packages problems.

The problems:
dpkg: problemas com dependências impedem a configuração de linux-headers-amd64:
linux-headers-amd64 depende de linux-headers-6.0.0-6-amd64 (= 6.0.12-1); porém:
Pacote linux-headers-6.0.0-6-amd64 não está configurado ainda.

dpkg: erro ao processar o pacote linux-headers-amd64 (–configure):
problemas de dependência - deixando desconfigurado
Configurando python3 (3.10.6-3) …

Full list: Kaisen apt problems · GitHub

Almost of them related to python3:

Configurando python3 (3.10.6-3) …
running python rtupdate hooks for python3.10…
dpkg-query: o pacote ‘apt-xapian-index’ não está instalado
Utilize dpkg --contents (= dpkg-deb --contents) para listar o conteúdo de ficheiros de arquivo.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/bin/py3clean”, line 210, in
File “/usr/bin/py3clean”, line 196, in main
pfiles = set(dpf.from_package(options.package))
File “/usr/share/python3/debpython/”, line 53, in from_package
raise Exception(“cannot get content of %s” % package_name)
Exception: cannot get content of apt-xapian-index
error running python rtupdate hook apt-xapian-index

Could someone could help me(Without reinstall the SO)?

My best regards.

Hello and welcome.

You have added other Debian repositories on your Kaisen installation.

This is the reason of your problem.


That repositories already exists on /etc/apt/sources.list.d/, when I installed the new SO the files inside that folder still preserved.

I liked the ideia os keep them because some of that are related to third party tools, frequently useful to my environment.
I only trying to merge that dependencies to work with new Kaisen install, because don’t appears to be most complicated.

If not possible, the exclusion of that other sources can be a possibility.


It’s written in the Kaisen documentation and everywhere else.
Doing some kind of “merger” is just an idea to break everything.

If you want Kaisen, you should install it cleanly, without adding Debian repositories or other distributions, that’s the best way to break everything.

I can’t help you otherwise.

But you can add the repositories of the tools you use, no problem you that.


I’m disabling some repos.

Now, just that errors are occurring:
Erros foram encontrados durante o processamento de:

  • apache2
  • python3
  • speedometer
  • emacs-gtk
  • python3-all
  • gnome-menus

I’m think there is needed just some adjustments to solve that problems.

Appears to be python related problems, I don’t know exactly:

dpkg-query: o pacote 'xviewer-plugins' não está instalado
Utilize dpkg --contents (= dpkg-deb --contents) para listar o conteúdo de ficheiros de arquivo.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/py3clean", line 210, in <module>
  File "/usr/bin/py3clean", line 196, in main
    pfiles = set(dpf.from_package(options.package))
  File "/usr/share/python3/debpython/", line 53, in from_package
    raise Exception("cannot get content of %s" % package_name)
Exception: cannot get content of xviewer-plugins
error running python rtupdate hook xviewer-plugins

Did you know something about that processes?

  • “error running python rtupdate hook” or
  • “py3clean”



I removed some repos/sources.

I want to add an Ubuntu repo, but just to solve some problems with not found packages, and that repo should have the less priority possible, a priority less than the Kaisen official repo.

Could you help me with that? Create a Ubuntu sources list but with less privilege.

Some packages needed/examples: multiarch-support, libjpeg8, ubuntu-drivers-common, light-locker-settings, xviewer-plugins

I think that could solve almost of my actual problems with packages.


Oh my god…

I think you haven’t really understood how APT repositories work.


If you can’t find some packages, two solutions.

Either it has a different name in Debian (and therefore Kaisen, a very large part of Debian packages are mirrored, except those forked and/or managed by me). In which case, you have to search on Google or with apt-cache search the software you are looking for.

Either install the .deb from a different source, if not available in the repository, or download a binary to put in /usr/local/bin.

Now, if you absolutely want to add the repository of other distributions and create a priority, you can manage it in /etc/apt/preferences file (if it no exist, create it).

Even with a priority setting, you will most likely break Kaisen.

Please be aware that in this case I cannot guarantee to help you if something is broken and cannot be held responsible.

You are warned.

In the /etc/apt/preferences file:

Pin: release o=bullseye
Pin-Priority: 700

Package: *
Pin: origin
Pin-Priority: 700

Example :
Package: *
Pin: release o=kaisen-rolling
Pin-Priority: 500

Package: *
Pin: origin
Pin-Priority: 500```


Thanks for the help, and for the warns.

I found this info about the package pinning priority:

**100 < P <=500**
causes a version to be installed unless there is a version available belonging to some other distribution, or the installed version is more recent.

**0 < P <=100**
causes a version to be installed only if there is no installed version of the package.

From: Understanding apt-pinning in Linux –

I’m trying to adjust the priorities and appears to be working:

$ sudo apt policy libreadline7
  Instalado: (nenhum)
  Candidato: 7.0-3
  Tabela de versão:
     7.0-3 90
         90 bionic/main amd64 Packages

In that moment(still adjusting), the priority is:
Kaisen: 500, Debian Sid: 100, Debian unstable: 100, Ubuntu Bionic: 90…

I will be adjust a little bit more, to solve other packages problem and make available in a gist.

Thanks for the help. I will back with the results!

@Kaisen Thanks!

The /etc/apt/preferences priorities configuration worked fine.
There are no package dependency problems anymore.

My very particular, strange and unusual apt preferences config (Do not recommended, and without the Kaisen mainteiners bless and without Kaisen maintainers support):
Preferences to solve packages conflicts between Kaisen Linux and Debian and Kali and Ubuntu and PopOs and Linux Mint and Sparky Linux and Debian Sid and Debian Unstable and Kali Experimental and Linux Mint Vanessa and Ubuntu Bionic (/etc/apt/preferences) · GitHub

Happy new year!

Happy new year too!

I hope of your problem is solved.

Caution with the installation of packages :slight_smile:

Thank you to use Kaisen!

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