Nvidia 470


A few updates ago broke my install. 390 legacy and the new 510 drivers dont work seem i need nvidia-graphics-drivers-470

How can i install these as they dont seem to be in the repo and installing add-apt-repository doesnt run due to missing template for kaisen (to install the ubuntu ppa)



What is your Nvidia chip?

NVIDIA Geforce GT 710 reported by neofetch

Okay, what is the error message after the update?

Oh sorry i dont recall. Lightdm is failing to start. I have now googled and googled and messed about for many hours. i have removed drivers, desktop and reinstalled.

nvidia-smi reports my card is supported by 470.xx legacy and ignored by 510.


But without knowing the error message, it will be difficult for me to help you.

Your problem had been solved?

Thanks i have managed to fix by removing packages/drivers and installing the nvidia 470 and necessary packages.

Thanks for the best desktop distro

You are find all packages from the Kaisen repository?

Yes all packages from kaisen rep no changes made to apt source

Okay, thanks you for the feedback!

Don’t hesitate to open a new topic if you need.