I just did the hard install. Never throughout the installation process did it ask for login credentials, account name, or password. Upon first boot, run the login screen ask for account name and password but I never gave any during installation and setup. I tried account name = kaisen, password = kaisen…no such luck. What is the default password since I never was asked or provided one during installation setup?

Hello, what do you mean by “hard install” ? During the installation process, the script asks you to enter name, full name (description) and password 2 times.
After installation were is no default account, also root account is disabled for security reasons.
The user “kaisen” is only seted up in live boot.

I reinstalled and all is good. I still dont know how that happened though. I tried the normal gui installer the first and second time and it wouldn’t work. I’m guessing because of a graphics issue. So I did the expert mode and it shows up. My name and password hasn’t changed in 4 years, so I don’t know what happened but it’s all good now. Strange, mysterious and voodoo. You can delete this post if you choose.

Nice ! Good work !!!
Have a nice day.