Persistence label


I’m using multiple live systems with USB persistence.

Kaisen uses the same persistence label as Kali Linux. Is it possible to use both and each one having their own persistence partition?

Now I have Ubuntu and Kali with 2 persistence partitions working (persistence and casper-rw)

Can I add another partition for Kaisen? How?

Thank you very much

Hello and welcome,

Yes, you can add several persistence stores for Kaisen. You need to create several partitions on your USB key for that.

Follow the same process to create a persistence partition, but you need to change only the label (e2label command).

The default persistence label is named persistence because it’s default name and and allows not to have to specify the label name in the CMDLINE. The Debian doc: live-boot(7) — live-boot-doc — Debian testing — Debian Manpages

Once the partitions are created, you need to edit the GRUB or SYSLINUX menu to choose your prefered datastore.


You have a datastore named persistence and an other named personal, and you choose to use the personal label. At the end of the persistence CMDLINE entry, add the following entry:

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