Possible to install from live medium?

both Debian and Kaisen installer do not display text correctly on my UHD Monitor.
( not even using text mode installer )

However I can perfectly good boot the system in live mode.

Is it possible to install Kaisen Linux out of the live system ?
reegards andy gaal

Hello Andy,

No sorry.

The installation is only possible from the installer.
Your problem is the same both GUI installation and ncurses installation?

Thanks for your reply …,
if I boot to system with live mode the system boots without any problems, with the installation mode there are graphical display glitches so I can not read any of the lines displayed. Text mode or fail-safe installation mode are no better, just distorted display. Not sure what ncurses installation means, I asume though you mean the text mode installation with that ?

The ncurses mode is named in the menu Kaisen Linux Install
The graphical mode is named in the menu Kaisen Linux Graphical Install

same thing, do not blame Kaisen Linux for that, Debian live media acts the same way, thanks anyways