Segmentation Fault with Mate-System-Monitor

Hello @all
I have an issue with Mate-System-Monitor.
All tabs are responding and displaying the infos (System, Ressources, File Systems) except the “processus” tab, MSM crashes with a seg fault.

I was looking for solutions, but i’m not sure. Some are talking about permissions, some are talking about icons…
But MSM launches without problems.
i tried some cli (journalctl -b | grep mate ; cat /var/log/syslog | grep mate ; mate-system-monitor in cli, etc.), but before pasting the different results, maybe some of you already had this problem?
And if no, maybe better dev than i am may help?

Context :
HP ProBook 470G0
16 Go RAM
SSD 480Go partitioned, enough space for all partitions
Kaisen 2.3 Mate
kaisen-update OK