The windows list disappear in the task bar

In the LXQt, when the option of grouping the windows of the same type it’s enabled, for example two Firefox windows, you should see a list of both of them by passing the mouse over the Firefox in the task bar.

However, even in the live mode, you have to click in the Firefox ,or any other in the task bar, to see the windows list. And after move the cursor to access one of the windows, the list disappear. This is a bug.

  1. The list of Windows should appear with a mouse over (not by clicking)
  2. The list should not disappear after moving the cursor

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Sorry for my late reply and thank you for your feedback!

Are you maybe tried to set your own configurations from LXQt settings menu?

Hello @Kaisen and thanks for the support.

Like I said, these bugs come by default even in the live mode. In order to use the taskbar properly I needed to disable the grouping option. So when I open 2 windows of Firefox (for example) they stay side by side in the taskbar.

There is anything I can do to fix this and make the grouping option and mouseover works properly?


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By default, I don’t define a lot of custom settings.

Maybe, you should use your own custom settings to fix that from the settings menu :slight_smile:

I’ll test on my side.

I’m saying that the option for grouping windows exists but doesn’t work the way it should. I have a Lubuntu with the same interface LXQT and everything works very good with the mouse over the grouped windows show the windows list and when I move the mouse I can click on any of them and the list do not disappear after I move the cursor. Because of that I said this is a bug. The things are not working the way it should. Can I do something to fix this? If yes, how?

What is the version of LXQt provides by Lubuntu?

LXQt 0.17.0
Qt 5.15.3
Build type Release

Hello @andreosincero,

The version included on Kaisen is the 0.16.0 version. I tried to update the version of LXQT, but Kaisen 2.2 approach, I won’t take the risk to update the GUI myself, to prevent a regression of the UI.

After the release of the 2.2 ISOS, I will update the LXQT UI.

Thank you for your feedback!

Does this means you confirmed the bug? I’m glad to collaborate with the development and improvement of Kaisen.
When the new update is ready, I shall just give a sudo apt-get upgrade?

I’m not saying it’s a bug.
Probably, this feature aren’t implemented in the 0.16.0 version.

No, don’t use apt upgrade, use full-upgrade or kaisen-update instead of upgrade on the Debian based rolling distributions.

Thank you again for your feedback!

Thank you for your support!

Just to confirm, the commands are:

$ sudo kaisen-update


$ sudo full-upgrade


No, the kaisen-update command can be update automatically the system, and autoremove all dependancies don’t used. This command is a simple BASH script to run these commands: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade && sudo apt autoremove --purge

The apt full-upgrade, is a standard Debian command, can also used.

I advise you don’t use the apt upgrade command, bad idea on the rolling release distribution.

Running the kaisen-update command or apt update && apt full-upgrade works.

Ok. Thanks a lot for the support.

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