To upgrade: apt update && apt upgrade or both?

Hi Kaisen!

First and foremost Kaisen Linux is running smoothly, now I can appreciate your hard work!


Update with apt upgrade or apt update ?

I must say that I upgraded the whole system with apt upgrade and everything went fine, even NVIDIA Ge Force MX-230 which on this laptop acts as a graphical co-processor.

Thanks as always!

Hi @judd,

The apt update command updates the repository and content files in your local machine, no package will be updated with this command.

The apt upgrade command will be install the new versions of installed packages. But I advise you to use the apt-full upgrade command to update your packages.

You can also use the sudo kaisen-update command, this command automate the update and remove automatically the dependancies not used.

I hope I can help you!

Thank you for your fidelity.

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Ok, I have a choice :slight_smile:

Thanks @Kaisen!



With pleasure @judd!

I close this topic.