Unable to download ANY - iso file


I just want to inform you I haven’t been able to “download” an .iso file for 2+ days. It doesn’t matter if I attempt Mate, KDE, XFCE, LXQT or System Rescue.

I Can’t imagine there’s anything wrong on my side. I’m semi retired “self employed Systems Administration” serving small businesses 40+ years. Nonetheless, I have never claimed to be the smartest guy in the room & have experienced many times everything “should” work yet, some small unexpected gremlin pops up. I have a Gigabit service that at the least delivers well over 400 mbps down & 25 mbps up. I haven’t seen any type network errors or warnings including any time-out issues. I’ve seen failures at different levels of completion - 1gb, 2gb, as much as 3.7 gig & fail. Over 2 years ago re-cabled our home with Gig LAN “end to end” to comply with Gig standards. I’ve attempted to D/L on several systems, Linux Mint, Debian, WinBlows 10 Pro, MacOS Catalina. Attempted “Mirrors”, different browsers (Brave, Firefox, Safari, Chromium & Chromium - un-googled, Iron 64 / SR Ware. I even installed Falkon as the last attempt. There’s nothing I can see obstructing the process. I can’t remember the last time I had any problem completing a download. Especially a Linux Distro.
I would really like to take Kaisen Linux for test ride.

UPDATE; while composing this message Xfce completed (I’m creating a USB now). I would like to see Mate (for sure) & System Rescue appears to be the ultimate for any Sys-Admin. I’m almost ashamed I haven’t given it go sooner, but with so many distro’s, You get it…

Any advice much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Douglas Swinhart

Hello Douglas,

Thank you for your message. I have tried several downloads on my side, with success, all the downloads went through correctly. I also looked at the logs from yesterday, and I do see downloads from several ISOS but no errors were recorded on the server side. I can’t tell what your problem is, I can’t reproduce it and I haven’t had any feedback on this problem outside of you yet.

I am sorry that this first experience with Kaisen Linux gave you so much trouble!

Concerning the SR version you mention, it is a light version of the “classic” live versions (MATE, LXQT, KDE and XFCE), containing only the system repair and computer maintenance tools, note however that this ISO is only a live and is not installable on a storage medium.

For XFCE, if you want to test MATE, you can use the command sudo kaisen-interface-switcher. This is a script that will fully automate the GUI change and remove the currently installed one. There is no need to re-download an ISO for this, or to remove everything manually!

Don’t hesitate to repost a message to give feedback on the use of the distribution, it can really help me !

Thank you very much !

Thank you so much for the speedy response. I’m aware how the SR version is for boot-able media such as a DVD/USB. I have Kaisen Xfce D/L’d - installed & running on a USB. Booted up just fine & able to run on one our desktops. (haven’t had time to test others yet). This Desktop is a Purism Mini v2 –Purism– Librem Mini
I’m not surprised nothing is showed up in log files. If something was not operating as intended I would certainly think it “should” be recorded in the server log files. My Gig Internet connection has been in place for over a year & continues to produce inexpiable behavior. Frankly, your research produced the result I had anticipated. Clearly whatever is happening (or NOT happening) on my end has nothing to do with your configuration. When reaching out I was groping for a solution to a unique & extremely rare failure. I apologize for wasting your time as I’m sure you already have a full plate. In the event the instability of my connection issues are EVER discovered, I’ll send you an update that could be helpful in the future.

Thanks again. You obviously run a very tight ship! I have a fairly good sense of your workload & I’m amazed you are able to keep up with amount of tasks required. I’m thoroughly impressed with your dedicated commitment as well as your work ethic. That said, speaking as a 40+ year veteran Systems Administrator that continues to struggle daily with “Workaholic tendencies” & with all the best of intentions, may I suggest you always be mindful of the importance of a “WELL BALANCED LIFESTYLE”. Reviewing “About -Team page” I get a sense you & I may be kindred spirits. Your well documented rapid response that included a complete task journal explaining efforts & results painted a fairly accurate picture of “who you really are”. Clearly, you go the extra mile in all that you do! You are “unquestionably” an impressive human being! Admittedly, this grumpy old guy is not easily impressed and RARELY, IF EVER has made such comments to anyone, much less a near complete stranger many miles away.

If you find my observations inappropriate, I apologize in advance. Please know; My intention is meant to be helpful. Nothing more…

Thank You again. “You ROCK”!!!

Be Well,
Douglas Swinhart

Hello Douglas,

It must have been my servers or your side, it was normal that I was looking for the cause of the problem on my side, it’s part of the job :wink:

Indeed, do not hesitate to make a return when you will have succeeded in solving your problem in Members Place (on the forum), that could be useful in case someone encounters this problem (me the first).

It is extremely touching to read this, thank you. I am indeed doing my best to maintain this project and support the users, even if the team is very small, we are dedicated. To keep up, lots of Monster Energy in the fridge… ^^ And also a lot of passion, it’s a project that is very close to my heart.

For my lifestyle, I am indeed not an example at all, I try to limit myself, but it’s not easy. :wink:

Don’t worry, you are in no way wasting my time and your comments are in no way inappropriate. It’s even the opposite, having such feedback and compliments towards me and the project pushes me even more to continue. If you have any request about this project, this forum is made for that, do not hesitate.

Thanks again for your messages and your interest in the Kaisen project, don’t hesitate to give me any feedback!