Unable to login to USB live kaisenlinux

I discovered kaisenlinux today. I downloaded the latest ISO (kaisenlinuxrolling1.6-amd64-KDE.iso) and copied it to my Ventoy (v1.46) USB thumb drive.

I must say, this appears to be a very secure Linux distro! I cannot login!

When I boot kaisenlinux from Ventoy, I select English, and the default option. After a few minutes I am looking at a nice KDE Plasma desktop login… and it is asking me for a login / password. Obviously root does not work, but I have no idea what the magic login is? Leaving everything blank does not seem to work.

NOTE: I am NOT trying to install kaisenlinux, I am attempting to use it LIVE to solve some booting problems on a laptop.

Any help / tips / notes are welcome. I’ll try to checkback later. For now I’m off to try SystemRescue or Kubuntu.

So I managed to login… by guessing:

login: kaisen
password: kaisen


I do not recall reading this anywhere.

Hello and welcome,

Sorry for my late reply.

On the official website as well as in the project documentation, the default login for live systems are mentioned.
The login : kaisen
Password : kaisen

This pair of login works on all ISOS live systems.
I’m sorry if your first experience with Kaisen Linux went wrong. However, this kind of information is widely documented, and easily accessible.

Feel free to come back here if you need help again :slight_smile:

Capture du 2021-07-19 20-07-33

If this information is given directly on the download page:


Please refer to the screenshot :slight_smile:

No problem.

I am not a Linux noob. And I know how to use Google to search. All my searching did not turn up this information. I somehow managed to “guess” it before throwing my arms up and moving on to Knoppix or SystemRescue. So, in my experience, I have to hardily disagree with your characterization tht this information is “widely documented” and “easily accessible.”