Xfce 4.18

Hi @Kaisen !

I just installed this huge update and I thought Xfce 4.18 was included and I see it’s not.

Well, maybe you have it in mind for a few days, I guess.


Please give me time to do so. It is a huge job. I saw the ad yesterday. Whether it takes a few days or a few weeks, please give me time to do it right to avoid any problems afterwards.

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The new version 4.18 doesn’t change my life, in fact I haven’t noticed anything different at all, maybe for some people it’s better than version 4.16, but not for me.

I just posted to find out, that’s all.

Thanks as always!

I just updated and everything is running smoothly, even 4.18 :wink:

One question ?

What is the reason, when you want to upgrade with sudo apt full-upgrade it doesn`t find updates and then with sudo apt upgrade yes the updates appear ?

I don’t understand, but that’s the situation.

Anyway, I hope you have a good holiday season and a better year 2023 !!!

My respects.

Probably due of your configuration.

I wish you a good end of this year.

Thank for your all feedbacks.

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